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About Us


Thank you for visiting our small, family owned store! Our mission is to provide quality products that our customers love!


Molu Market was created in June 2016. We, Brandy and Heidi Lusk, moved to Duluth, MN from the Twin Cities in April 2016 and started creating items for our home. We developed a passion for designing and building wooden furniture and home decor. After posting a few items on Facebook, we realized that there was an interest in our products! 

The hardest part was coming up with a name! After a few brainstorming sessions, Molu Market stuck! Molu is a combination of Brandy's maiden name, MOjica, and our married name, LUsk.

We believe every house should feel like a home, so we craft wooden wall hangings, home decor, and furniture that will add warmth and charm to any room.

We love supporting local business, so we purchase our lumber from local mills as much as possible, depending on supply. 

Thank you for visiting our online store!

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