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Molu Market

Wooden home decor and scroll saw art
Crafted in Duluth, MN

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Photo credit: Wolff Studios

Molu Market


About Us

Visit us at Upcoming Events!

- November 30 - December 2, 2018: Julebyen Christmas Festival: Knife River

- December 6: Pop-up with Duluth Made; Duluth Cider

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Watch us in action...

A lot of work goes into what we do. Our cutouts are cut by hand with the use of a scroll saw. The process involves cutting out stencils, tracing them onto a piece of wood, then meticulously cutting them with a scroll saw.
Watch Brandy in action below!


I've ordered many pieces from Molu. The craftsmanship is second to only the quality of the people who create the art. In an age of mass production, their products are the epitome of unique, eclectic, and rare.

Let them "wow," you!

I am amazed with each and every product from them!

Tony N.

Absolutely love my "keep the change" jar I ordered! It's just what I imagined and looks perfect in my laundry room. The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding! MOLU Market exceeded my expectations. This company clearly takes pride in their work!

Katie S.

Brandy and Heidi are kind, caring, creative souls which comes out in the designs they make. Lovely inside and out. Thanks for another custom order to add to our Molu Market collection.

Kate W.

Heidi and Brandy made the most incredible customized desk for my office. They went above and beyond to make sure it was absolutely perfect. Their work is incredible!! If you need any home decor or custom built wood pieces, look no further!

Mary C.

Every piece I see from Molu Market is beautiful. Brandy and Heidi definitely put a lot of work into their products, which ensures that each one is handcrafted to perfection. Their ability to customize and/or personalize orders really show that they care out their customers and customer service.

Victoria L.

Many custom items for our home, we love them all! From side tables, planters, radiator cover, personal gifts....I can't even remember it all! Highly recommend!

Julie A.

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Special thanks to Wolff Studios.
Visit their website at wolffstudios.passgallery.com